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Security - Assurance & Safety!
We treat data protection & it's security as one of the most important pillars to uphold your and our credibility as a business.

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Boost Your Business

Transform your business outcome through platforms and automation, whether it's increasing market share and customer base or improving customer satisfaction.


24x7 Service Delivery

We provide round the clock customer support service delivered to you by experts in the industry.

Who We Are:

Founded 11 years ago, Wizard has grown into a leading business enabling firm. The business uses proprietary technology, data driven analytics and in-house digital marketing expertise to provide leading brands with high volumes of new customers. We now operate in UK, US, Canada, Australia and India, and our vision for the future is even more stimulating.

The company has now grown from a team of five to over 600 employees in 11 years, and we now operate in five countries.

Key to our success is the way we hire. We only recruit people with the language skills, cultural knowledge and winning attitude to sustain this incredible growth. As for the future, we are on the way to fulfilling our original vision of becoming one of the most trusted and reliable resource for high quality prospects and customers in fast growing markets.

Wizard's Value Proposition

  • 11 years of global expertise and over 100 years of collective experience, our value expands to British, Australian, American, Canadian and Indian Markets.
  • Custom CRM programs for insights , analytics and enhanced customer engagement
  • Process and technology leverage that ensures business stability, consistency and agility in delivery without compromising on quality and integrity.
  • Highly personalized service for all our clients – irrespective of their size and account value.

Why Wizard?

If you’re progressive and determined, with the appetite for high growth, contact us – and we’ll grow your business. We work with clients in many ways, and it’s our job to find the right mix of services for you. So whether that’s finding new prospects, integrating with your CRM, making the sale for you, or all of these and more – just tell us your business objectives and we’ll work to develop a flexible package that’s coordinated with your goals, and most importantly, deliver astonishing ROI.

What we do is unique, scalable, and works seamlessly across a wide variety of industries. Because we own and operate the entire process, we see every detail from customer acquisition to end transaction. This means we have complete visibility of the whole cycle, and we can crunch the numbers on your behalf. We test, evaluate and adapt, to deliver you with the best results. It’s an ongoing process, which only gets better over time, the more we get to know you and your customers.

  • Location Advantage
  • People
  • Process
  • Technology
  • Quality Assurance
  • Infrastructure

Locational Advantage

We have people based out of the geographies that we serve – US, Canada, UK, Australia and India. This helps us manage local sensitivities to customise and drive excellence in customer experience.


600 well trained employees, geared to reduce costs for your business and drive operational excellence. Additional capacity is available at all locations.


Data driven, strategic insights that have defined CRMs to deliver services and tasks, thereby allowing you to focus on your core business imperatives.


Highly secured data-centres provided by leading brands like Cisco, IBM and Dell, with redundancies built in to keep downtime at zero.

Quality Assurance

Stringent quality parameters & control measures in place to ensure the highest possible quality standards across all our processes and services. We adhere to an effective Quality Management System; constantly analyze process performances and focus on continuous process improvements.


World class infrastructure that competes with the best in class from physical real estate to working and recreational facilities for all employees and clients.

Global Presence

Cross geography service delivery capabilities, powered by our experts based out of our US, Canada, UK, India and Australia facilities.


Ethical behaviour is intrinsic to the way Wizard conducts business. We firmly believe that business must operate in a way that respects the rights of all its stakeholders and creates an overall benefit for society.


Key to our success is the way we hire. We only recruit people with the language skills, cultural knowledge and winning attitude to sustain this incredible growth.


Technology leverage that ensures business stability, consistency and agility in delivery.We provide our personnel with cutting-edge technology and enable them to work in a high class work environment for business process Management.